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About Us


What is The Dance Collective? 


We are Lancaster’s first Ballroom and Latin Dance competition team for 9-to-19-year olds! We are a fun-loving community of evolving artists who, together, nourish creativity and inspire confidence. Through dance, our students find joy, connection, and ultimately, self-actualization. 


We rehearse as a team once a week. During rehearsal, we warm up, learn and practice new techniques, and work on our choreography together. Weekly rehearsals serve as an opportunity for team bonding as well as self-exploration. The many styles of Ballroom and Latin allow dancers the freedom to express themselves in different ways. Plus, The Dance Collective is just downright fun!

What is Latin Ballroom? 


Get ready to shake it! Latin Ballroom fuses folk dances from South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe. It consists of competitive “traditional” dances such as Samba, Rumba, Cha Cha, Paso Doble and Jive, as well as “social” dances like the Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Argentine Tango.


Who are our students? 


Our team serves 9-to-19-year olds of all genders. Our members are trailblazers, open-minded, and ready to have an amazing time learning to dance with a team! It is encouraged that new students come with foundational dance knowledge. For example, dancers may be instructed to plie or point their feet in their first class. 


If a student doesn't have this experience but is still interested in joining our team, our instructor can offer private lessons at an additional cost. To learn more about that, contact Rebecca Gentry at


It is not required that students come with a partner.


How do competitions work? 


Learning to find the joy in competition is one of the goals of The Dance Collective. We're on a mission to show today's performers that competitive dancing can be serious while still being lots of fun! Our team prioritizes encouragement, exploration, and growth over winning. The team typically competes throughout the region 2-4 times a year. Recent events include: 

Groove Dance Competition -

Turn It Up Dance Challenge -

Encore DCS -

Atlantic Dancesport Challenge -

Important dates


We are accepting applications now for our upcoming Fall season! Please allow 2 weeks from application deadline for updates by email.

Check out an example of our work!

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